Fuzzy Logic Perm Machine for Salons using CUBLOC CB280 module and Graphic LCD


Above: Before and After Pictures of using the Perm Machine.


Here’s a cool fuzzy logic perm machine for salons over in Japan using
CUBLOC CB280 module and GHLCD graphic LCD from Comfile.

The CB280 uses Ladder Logic to control the complex fuzzy logic of
the perm machine hair dings (The things you roll your hair with).
This thing also has an XPORT module which allows the company to
analyze and fix customer’s problems over the internet on top of
updatable firmwares.

The company grew 10 times in size and moved their offices twice
due to massive growth of sales. They are now bigger than Comfile
Technology… :p
The above example uses a customized firmware version of MAXport,
for custom internet MAXport inquiries, please send them to

Click below for more pics!



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